“The growth of the real estate industry consolidates”

Posted by on Sep 14, 2017 in News

Data relating to real estate transactions last July released today by the INE, reflecting an annual increase in house sales of 16.8%, reflecting the good performance of the sector.

Beatriz Toribio, responsible for studies fotocasa, “the real estate industry is experiencing one of its best moments after the sharp adjustment has lived. The prospects are very good in the medium term, as growth is sustainable and is consolidating, although at different rates depending on the area , “he says.

Proof of this is that the regions where a greater number of sales transactions recorded are Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid, according to the areas where real estate index fotocasa- prices move between 4 and 11%

“The housing market recovery is a reality, but it is not homogeneous although more and more provinces recorded increases in purchases and prices , ” explains the head of studies at fotocasa“Improving the economic situation, employment and consolidation of funding are the reasons that this sector has returned to take hold , ” he adds.

“But that recovery will be slow and moderate because the sector tends towards normalization” and therefore we find declines in the number of purchases and sales operations, such as that recorded monthly INE data released today.

Toribio insists that despite “good prospects now offers the real estate market, the level of activity, prices and mortgage lending far that recorded in the boom years, which is positive for sanitation and industry standardization” he concludes.

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