2 out of 10 Spaniards seeking housing in 2016, managed to buy

2 out of 10 Spaniards seeking housing in 2016, managed to buy

Posted by on Feb 25, 2017 in News


  • Pay cash
  • A flat with 3 rooms, more than 10 years old and located in a residential and commercial area is the prototype of the most sold house
  • Increases to 21% Spaniards who buy housing as an investment compared to those who do so to reside in it
  • Buyers who purchase a flat or cash house are reduced to 23% as a result of improved financing
  • 51% of new buyers found home in less than 6 months and 70% in less than a year

The revival that has lived the real estate market as a result of price stabilization and improved funding has encouraged more Spaniards to buy a home in 2016. 21% of the Spanish who last year was looking house in fotocasa managed Buy it, compared to 79% that did not, according to data from the study ” Profile of the buyer of housing in 2016 “, made by the real estate portal. This percentage is higher than the 16% they bought in 2014, the year in which the last edition of this report was made.

The return of credit is one of the reasons for this increase. In fact, the data reveals a rebound of people who buy housing through mortgage (66%) to the detriment of those who do cash (23%). In 2014 32% of the Spaniards acquired a property without any kind of financing.

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